Aim and Philosophy
Our Aim
Andalus Engineering Consultancy is a privately owned professional engineering constultancy firm operation in the Kingdom of Bahrain and the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) countries to serve the needs of our clients in this region to provide quality designs and project management services.
In order to produce a design that achieves the goals and objectives of the client we have to consider a number of factors, which have a direct impact on the design, such factors are:

Functional Factor: i.e. the workability of the design in the terms of provision of spaces, distribution and zoning, sizes of spacing and accessiblity.

Environmental Factors: In terms of ventilation lighting and orientation of the buildings.

Economical Factor: Feasibility of the poject as a profitable project and the adjustment of the design to meet the estimated budget. Proposing a structural system that may reduce the cost of structure about 15% compared to traditional designs.

Aesthetic Factor: Consideration of the social, traditional and general appearnace of the local design following the municipal regulations.

Quality Factor: Achieved and maintained in every stage of the Engineering services form the conceptual design to hand-over of the finished project.

Andalus Engineering Consultancy is specialized in providing Engineering Consultancy Services at the pre-contract and post-contract stages of any construction project.